1. Unable to choose a delivery rate to proceed through checkout?

Under the United Kingdom box you must re-enter your postcode and then PRESS GO. A drop down box then shows options for Delivery / Collection. Select the required option and then enter the preferred Delivery Date. You should then be able to complete your order.  The postcode is needed again at this point to ensure that you are in an area we are able to deliver to.

2. How can I pay?

By popular demand, we have now introduced an Online Payment facility so, if preferred, you can pay by credit/debit card at the Checkout.

We appreciate that not everyone wants to pay online, so we have retained an Offline Payment option.  If you select this, then you can either pay by bank transfer (preferred) or we are still happy to collect cash/cheques from you if that is not possible. Please put a note in the message box towards the end of the order process to confirm and we can then arrange for the delivery driver to collect cash or cheque payments.

3. What should I do with the delivery boxes once they're empty?

We'd love your empty boxes back, as we re-use as many as we can.  If you don't need them, please put your empty boxes outside on the day your next delivery is due, and we'll take them away for you.  Thank you.

4. On the website do I have to always view the product details before adding items to the basket?

In response to customer feedback, we have now made this more flexible.  You can now EITHER 

          a) view the product details and then click "add to basket" OR 

          b) simply click "buy now" from the list pages. 

In either case you can of course adjust the quantity you require.  The only exceptions to this are where items have variations (e.g. different colours or flavours) - for these you will need to "view details" before selecting what you want.   

We hope you like the changes we're making - we value all feedback, so keep telling us what you like and where things could be improved!